Royale Retreat I


Charmwood Village

Royale Retreat, the world of luxury and class beyond compare in the most coveted location of Charmwood Village, located on Suraj Kund picnic spot road will always be a special compliment to its elite residents. It's almost like the resplendent passion of some alluring masterpiece.

Amidst the world of unruffled silence, one-fact dawns clear, the EROS group presents you with ROYALE RETREAT in a way no one ever has and will. Brilliantly appointed and lavishly bestowed in the rolling splendour of landscape green is one sort of distinction. Meticulously crafted, to inspiring standards of luxury, each home has been highly upgraded. Specification with the liberal use of marble and granite, that are so delightfully different are the extravagant homes of ROYALE RETREAT that it's almost like the resplendent passion of some alluring masterpiece. One can immediately sense the flow of lavish luxury, excellence in construction, subtle aesthetics. Altogether, it’s a bold new height in distinguished living, something the like of which was hardly seen before in the country.

For those who had a long dream of living it in a posh heaven, ROYALE RETREAT makes it possible now. In the many colours of palatial eloquence, three sensational impressions await your pleasure.

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